Students Seeing Themselves in Books

"My students need these books to help build their literacy. Fish In a Tree is an amazing book that follows the story of a young girl who has a learning disability. Her story mirrors my student's!" - Ms. Kilgore

James Jordan Middle School has a stellar teacher that is in need of funding for books that will help her students learn and grow. Throughout the summer, we will be selecting multiple of our existing products as well as some new designs that will cycle during the season. The proceeds of each indicated item will support these amazing kids, this fantastic teacher, and the encouragement of education for all. Stay tuned!

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@maidofmight and @indianathebrave


photography by @happytriggerla

Here at Commons, we love nerdom - whether its hiking, cosplay, puppies, or Star Wars, we love that you love whatever it is, THAT MUCH.

We are here to financial contribute to projects that make us, and you!, happy.

Some of our featured projects in the past have for Maid of Might and her goal of creating music video content for her Anastasia cosplay, as well as donating to ASPCA to help with those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

All profits of Maid of Might's inspired piece will go directly to her passion project (, and EVERY CENT of the items sold in honor of those furry friends loved and lost, will be donated to the ASPCA.

We are always looking for new projects - so bring them to our attention by using #commonsonly !!! it can be a cosplay you really want to do, a song you are dying to record, a local school that needs new jerseys, hurricane relief funding - the sky's the limit. We will take all applicants and move forward with what speaks to our hearts the most in that moment.