Growing up, we always wanted to be superheroes, but alas, we are clumsy clams. Cosplay and theater became huge outlets for one of our owners' heart and over time, when the real world hit, budgeting cosplays became a new art form. Commons all started with a little bit of pixie dust - her mom requested a skirt for Dapper Day at Disneyland.... so she made a light up Tinkerbell circle skirt with twinkling pixie dust. She had a new found love for creation and it got her thinking.... what could others do, if it were, say.... free?

Commons intends to bridge the gap between creation and cost - or use creation to raise funds for causes close to our hearts.

Cosplay to your hearts' content, do good in this world, and we will pick up the bill for our hosted artists or partners. You don't need to be famous to be hosted, you just need to have a big heart, drive, and of course, a little bit of pixie dust.