Jen and dustin


I lost my invite........ 
Where and when is the

Reptacular Ranch @3:30pm on 9/16/2018

When is the rehearsal? 

Our rehearsal dinner will be Thursday, but unfortunately our venue can only handle so many people for this type of ordeal. If you traveled in town early for the wedding, reach out to either Jen and Dustin and we can attempt to coordinate some special time with you before the big day!

where are you going
on your honeymoon?

We are hoping to go to Ireland with a quick stop off in New York, but we will see as it gets closer! Our main priority will be saving to buy a home in the upcoming years.

WHat should i wear?

PLEASE WEAR SAFE SHOES. Use your best judgement, but the venue does have uneven terrain. The aisles and dance floor are smooth concrete, but the property itself (walkway to cocktail hour and parking lots) are compacted dirt that can have dips and holes. The main property floor is rustic wood chips. OTHER THAN SHOES, wear normal wedding stuff! We aren't too fancy and we want you to be comfortable, but be aware that there will be a TON of photos taken - as well as a videographer. We hope to get a great snapshot of all of the families!!!! It can be difficult to get us all in one place at the same time so we would love to take this opportunity to capture all of you!

Are dogs invited?

Unfortunately, no. Other than those in the bridal party that have prior permission, we cannot have more puppers to come play. We wish! But cest le vie.

I didnt get a guest on my
invitation, Can i have
a plus one?

Also, unfortunately, no. Our day will be rather small and we can only have so many people on the property at once under our contract. I'm so glad you have a buddy that you would like to bring, but we just can't afford to risk our contract. We wish we could invite everyone, but with our large familes, even some close family didn't get the invite! Thank you for your understanding.

Can i bring my kids?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Our venue and wedding will be kid friendly! We will have a petting zoo for our cocktail hour, lawn games, a photo booth, a dinosaur bone area where they can dig and discover, and a small wedding scavenger hunt to keep their fun going, too! If you would like to attend as a date instead of bringing your littles, that is entirely up to you but they are welcome if you so choose!

They should've been accounted for on your invitation, but if there is a discrepancy, let us know!

HAve a question
that we didnt

Whoops! Apologies for  the lack of needed info! Feel free to reach out to J&D! We would love to clear up any trouble you've come across with our details! THANK YOU!!!!! Also, a giant congrats for getting to the end of this long winded page! Woohoo! You did it!